EI Electrical Services Is A Professional Company, That Can Cover All Aspects Of Your Electrical Needs in Bristol, or South West Area.

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Bristol And South West Electrical Services

24 Hour Service

Our emergency electricians are here to serve residents of the UK, regardless of the time of day or night. Emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night, and that is why our electricians cater to our customers needs 24/7. It does not matter when an issue with the electrics arises; Simply give our company a call and we will send an emergency electrician out as soon as possible.

Qualified Electricians At Your Service

Our workers are fully qualified and have the proper licenses. We have all the tools needed to tackle any job, regardless of how minor or major it is. If you encounter a serious problem with your electrics, then always hire qualified professionals to deal with the problem. We understand how serious issues with electrics can be, and this is why we only have qualified professionals.

Electrician Bristol, Electrician Gloucester, Electrician Swindon And Electrician Bath Services

Located in Bristol? If so, then our team of professionals can come out to see you and find out what your issue/issues with the electrics are. You may be located in Gloucester, Swindon or Bath, which is perfect because we cover the whole of the South West. Just give us a call and we will have a professional at your location as soon as possible.

Our Services

Our services include a wide range of things, such as lighting repair, indoor and outdoor lighting and security lighting. If you experience an urgent issue with your lighting, then you need to ring us and our experienced professionals will come out to see you and take a look at your lighting system.

Do you have outlets that are sparking from out of nowhere? Do not do nothing about it, as this can be a sign of something that is seriously wrong with the electrical wiring, and could spark a fire. Our team of experts can go to your location and inspect the outlet and take care of the problem right away.

Smell burning wires? If so, then this too can be the sign of something serious. If you smell burning wires, especially when turning on appliances, then you need an electrician’s help as soon as possible.

Excellent Rates

We understand that some companies charge way too much money for their services, but that is not the case when our customers decide to do business with us. We have some of the best rates in the industry, so if you experience an electricity problem, then give us a ring and we will have someone at your property in no time.

Why Choose Us

Choose us when you have an emergency. We take our work very serious and we have been working in the industry for a very long time. This means that we will come to your location and do the job right the first time around. We understand how aggravating it can be for someone who is dealing with a serious electrical issue, and we know how it can even be more frustrating when the job is not done right the first time around.

As mentioned earlier, we can handle any urgent issue, regardless of how large or small the problem may be. Not only that, but we can take care of domestic problems as well as issues that may occur in a commercial piece of property. If you have a business and you notice that something is not right with your electricity, then it is time to contact us. All too often people brush things off when they shouldn’t. A customer will think that there is no cause for concern when something that seems minor goes wrong with their electricity, only too find out that it was indeed a very serious problem that should have been fixed a long time ago.

Our workers are clean and professional. When they arrive at your location, they will work in a timely fashion and they will make sure to thoroughly inspect their work when it has been completed.

If you or someone you know is dealing with an emergency with their electricity, then contact us today and we will be more than happy to send out one of our professionals to see you and take care of your problem.